5 Tips To Make Your Home Exterior Ready For a Fresh Paint In Dubai

Adding a fresh paint to your exterior and interior walls  is an important task. While the home interior is only seen by your friends and guests, the exterior is visible to anybody passing by. Likewise, every home, your home deserves an impressive curb appeal. Everybody likes the house of well- maintained lawns and beautifully painted exteriors.

When it comes to painting your house – be it interior or exterior, preparation plays a key role. Once you’ve taken enough time to prepare your home for painting, everything will go on smoothly for sure. To help you out, here are a few useful tips to prepare your home exterior for a fresh paint in Dubai:


  1. Clean Up –

Even if the exterior looks neat and clean, it’s highly suggested that you should pressure wash the surfaces that you want to paint. After all, painting over an un-cleaned surface will leave you a rough and dirty home. So, your house should be fully dry for a day or a couple of days before painting.

  1. Prepare the Painting Surface –

If you want your professional painting services in Dubai to paint an area that has been painted before, these surfaces are required to be prepped for the job. A reliable painting company will remove any loose or flaky painters from these surfaces and sand down, making sure that your new paint color will go on perfectly.

  1. Keep an Eye on Weather –

More often, weather can be unpredictable in Dubai. If you involve latex paint in your painting project, too cold or too hot weather can compromise the durability of fresh paint or keep the paint from adhering to the surface. However, moisture or dew can offer bad impact on your exterior paint job. So keep your eyes open for good weather and let the professional painters to get the job done without any hitch.

  1. Apply a Primer –

Using a primer before painting the exterior of your home may seem unnecessary, but can help you prepare the surface for adding the fresh paint. No matter what, it will make the job of a professional painter much easier and smoother, allowing them to avoid using more than two coats of paint color. As a result, it will save a great time and effort of painting contractors.

  1. Use Perfect Color –

Choosing the right color is an obvious choice for your home exterior. As discussed before, anybody can see the outside of your home, so you want them to say good things about you. Hence, you should try out some sample colors and check them at different times of day to see how the light changes the colors.

Conclusion –

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